Here is an excerpt of concert programs...

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Boris Blacher Paganini Variations
C.Franck Symphonic Variations
J. Brahms Symphony Nr. 2

Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig

J.Haydn Symphony Nr. 88 G-Dur R.

Concerto for Violoncello and

H.Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique

Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra

F. Schubert Symphony Nr.6 C-Dur
J. Brahms Haydn-Variations
L. v. Beethoven Symphony Nr. 3 "Eroica"

Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester Berlin

W.A.Mozart Sinfonie Concertant
(Oboe, Klar, Horn, Fagott)
D.Schostakowitsch Violin Concerto Nr. 1
L. v. Beethoven Symphony Nr. 6 "Pastorale"

Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

G. Gershwin Cuban Overture
"Porgy and Bess"
(Symphonic Pictures)
Piano Concerto in F
Rhapsody in Blue
An American in Paris

Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

H.Berlioz Roman Carneval Overture
Mark Lothar Concerto for 4 klar.strings-
and harp
O.Respighi Roman Festivals

Recordings with the Symphony Orchestra
of the Bavarian Radio, the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin and the
Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

Pedro San Juan Liturgia Negra
Howard Swanson A Short Symphony
George Byrd Negro Spirituals for Orchestra
Negro Spirituals for Soprano
and Orchestra
Darius Milhaud Saudades do Brasil
P. Tschaikowsky Contrasts and Ecstasies
Walter Piston Symphony Nr. 6
C. Franck Psyche and Eros
C. Saint-Saens Piano Concerto Nr.1
S. Rachmaninow Piano Concerto. 2 .
I. Stravinsky Suite "Der Feuervogel"

Radio Recording with NDR - Sinfonieorchester Hamburg

P. Tschaikowsky Symphony Nr. 1


J.Haydn Symphony Nr. 99 Es-Dur
L. v. Beethoven Symphony Nr. 6" Pastorale"


R. Schumann Symphony Nr. 4
G. Gershwin Piano Concertoin F
C. Debussy La Mer

Orchestre Lamoureux - Paris

G. Gershwin Cuban Overture
"Porgy and Bess"
(Symphonic Pictures)
Piano Concertoin F
Rhapsody in Blue
An American in Paris

Hamburger Symphoniker

G. F. Händel Concerto d-moll op. 3 P.
P. Tschaikowsky Piano Concerto Nr. 1
L.v. Beethoven Symphony Nr. 5

Orchestre de la Suisse Romande- Genf

David Diamond Symphony Nr. 4
George Byrd Negro Spirituals for Orchestra
R.Wagner "Meistersinger"- Prelude

Symphonic Orchestra,
Studio Beromünster-Zürich

Howard Swanson A Short Symphony
G.Mahler "Kindertotenlieder"
R.Wagner Siefried-Idyll

Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

J.Haydn Symphony Nr. 88 G-Dur
George Byrd Spirituals for Soprano and
G.Mahler Lieder from "Des Knaben
I. Stravinsky "The Fairy's Kiss" Ballet Suite

Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

W.A.Mozart Overture "Marriage Of Figaro"
G.Mahler Lieder from Des Knaben
R.Schumann Concerto for Violoncello
F.Schubert Symphony Nr. 4(Tragische )

Festival-Orchestra DUBROVNIK

W.A.Mozart Symphony Nr.39 ES-Dur
George Byrd Spirituals for Soprano and
G.Verdi Arias from Aida
L.v. Beethoven "Egmont" Overture

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

W.A. Mozart "Marriage Of Figaro" Overture
J.S.Bach Concerto for Violin E-Dur
Pedro San Juan Liturgia Negra
Rolf Liebermann Concerto for Jazzband and

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

F Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Concerto for
Violin e-moll
B. Bartok Concerto for Orchestra
Rolf Liebermann Concerto for Jazzband and Orchestra

Philharmonic Orchestra Sofia

J.Haydn Symphony Nr.88 G-Dur
L.v. Beethoven Symphony Nr. 6 "Pastorale"
R. Strauss Don Juan
B. Blacher Paganini-Variations
P. Dukas The Sorcerer's Apprentice
C. Debussy La Mer
G. Gershwin Porgy and Bess
(Symphonic Pictures)

Philharmonic Orchestra Varna

G.F. Händel Concerto Grosso Nr. 12
L.v. Beethoven Symphonie Nr. 3 "Eroica"
Moussorgsky-Ravel Pictures at an Exhibition

Poland Tournee:

Karlowicz The Eternal Songs
Jan Krenz Music for Strings and Celesta
D.Schostakowitsch Symphony Nr.9
B. Blacher Paganini-Variations
G.Gershwin Porgy and Bess
(Symphonic Pictures)

Royal Orchestra Kopenhagen

W.A.Mozart Symphony Nr.41 "Jupiter"
I. Stravinsky The Fire Bird Suite
R.Liebermann Concerto for Jazzband and
G. Gershwin Porgy and Bess-
(Symphonic Picture)

Grand Orchestre Symphonique RTB Brüxelles
Festival "Decade de la Nouvelle Musique Americaine

G. Schuller Symphony for Brass Instruments
A.Haieff Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
O. Leuning- Ussachewski Rhapsodic Variations for two
Tape Recorders and Orchestra
George Byrd Spirituals for Soprano and
S. Barber Knoxville Summer 1915
Gardner Read Toccata for Orchestra

American Ballett Theatre

P.Tschiakowsky Der Schwanensee
F.Chopin Les Sylphides
A.Adam Giselle
D. Schostakowitsch Concerto for Piano,
Trumpet and Strings

Philharmonic Orchestra
"Georges Enescu" Bukarest
"Jazz in the Symphonic" -
"The Symphonic in Jazz"

G. Gershwin Cuban Overture
Rhapsody In Blue
Piano Concerto in F
Porgy and Bess
(Symphonic Pictures)
Alexandre Eschpaj Concertino for Piano, Trumpet, Xylophon and Orchestra
G. Gershwin An American in Paris
Bogdan Trotzjuk Jazz-Symphonie in three movements
Hugo Montenegro Fanfare

Philharmonic Orchestra "Georges Enescu" Bukarest (International Music Festival)

G.Enescu Suite Nr. 3
A. Dvorak Concerto for Violoncello
J. Brahms Symphony Nr.2 D-Dur
W.A. Mozart Concerto for Flute G-Dur

Philharmonic Orchestra "Georges Enescu" Bukarest

Andricu Sinfonietta
G.F. Händel Four Arias from "Giulio Cesare"
Brahms-Rogalski Liebeslieder-Walzer
(for Choir and Orchestra)
F. Schubert Symphony Nr. 2 B-Dur

Symphony of the New World
(New York Philharmonic Hall)

Beethoven-Bobescu Kreutzer Sonatea
(for Orchestra)
G.F.Händel Arias "Di cor mio".."Tornami
a vegheggiar"
P.I.Tschaikowsky Symphony Nr. 5
J. Brahms Variations on a Theme
Of Haydn
D.Rudd Moore Four Songs
"From the Dark Tower"
L.v. Beethoven Symphony Nr. 3 "Eroica"

Basle Sinfonie Orchestra

Francis Poulenc Sinfonietta
N. Paganini Violin Concerto D-Dur
G. Gershwin An American in Paris.

State Philharmonic Rheinland-Pfalz

Aaron Copland El Salon Mexico
A. Dvorak Violoncello Concerto
H. Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique
L. Bernstein "West Side Story"
G. Gershwin Piano Concrtoin F
Rhapsodie in Blue
W.A.Mozart Concerto for Basoon
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Symphony Nr.3

Munich Philharmonic

S.Prokofieff Piano Concerto Nr. 3
P. Tschaikowsky Symphony Nr. 5

North West German Philharmonic (Herford)

I. Stravinsky Jeux de cartes
H. Villa-Lobos Bachianas Brasileiras Nr.5
George Byrd Spirituals for Soprano and
G.Gershwin Porgy and Bess
(Symphonic Pictures)
Piano Concerto in F
Rhapsodie in Blue

Osnabrücker Symphoniker
(100 Birthday - Bela Bartok)

Michael Braunfels Concerto Sereno for Piano
Violoncello and Orchestra
Bela Bartok Concerto for Orchestra

Bavarian Radio Sinfonie Orchestra (Recording)

Bela Bartok Suite Nr. 2. Opus 4.

Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

C. Debussy Printemps
Joseph Suder Concerto for Piano, Clarinet and Orchestra
J. Brahms Symphony Nr. 2 D-Dur

North West German Philharmonie

George Gershwin - Tournee

(16 German cities- ca. 40.000 spectators)


Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra

George Gershwin Cuban Overture
Suite Porgy and Bess
Piano Concertoin F
An American in Paris

(7 concerts in Berlin and Dresden, celebrating the 750th anniversary of Berlin.
approx . 26.000 spectators plus many television

Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra

H. Villa-Lobos Bachianas Brasileiras Nr. 4
Guarnieri 3 Brasilian Dances
L. Bernstein Symphonic Dances
West Side Story
G. Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue

(repeat engagement of 1987 success in 1989
approx. 26.000 spectators)

State Philharmonic Orchestra Sofia

P.I. Tschaikowsky "Romeo and Julia"
L.v Beethoven Piano Concerto Nr. 2
F. Schubert Symphony Nr. 6.

Berliner Symphonie-Orchester

H. K. Gruber " Frankenstein"-Pandemonium
for Chansonier and Orchestra
G. Gershwin Piano Concerto in F
L. Bernstein Divertimento for Orchestra

Five concerts celebrating the New ear 1990-1991,
ca. 18000 aud.)

Wuppertaler Symphonie-Orchester

Leonard Bernstein-Concert: Jeremiah Symphony
On The Town
Fancy Free

Berliner Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester

Chorin Monastery:

A. Dvorak Five Slovenian Dances
New World Symphony

Gallopp Race TrackHoppegarten:

A. Dvorak New World Symphony
G. Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue
An American in Paris

Radio-Philharmonie Hannover (NDR)
First European Recordings of Jazz
Symphonic Works by DUKE ELLINGTON
(Europäische Erstaufnahmen)

1. New World A-Coming(Piano and Orchestra)
2. Three Black Kings
3. Harlem
4. Night Creatures
5. Grand Slam Jam